We’re happy to accommodate custom orders!

Whether you are looking to purchase a hot tub or swim spa, we will help you to determine what the best model is to fit your outdoor or indoor space as well as your budget. We also sell pool supplies such as automatic pool cleaners, chemicals, toys, pool parts, pool pumps, heaters and filters. Hot tub supplies include steps, maintenance supplies, and chemicals.

We also offer water testing and our knowledgeable staff will offer recommendations to adjust water chemistry for optimal water sanitization.

We will not sell you what you don't need!

We believe in continuously educating our staff in the latest pool technology in order to give our customers the best options for their pool and hot tub or swim spa needs.
Shop at our retail store and our friendly, experienced employees will assist you with a wide variety of things such as finding pool parts, giving you the products and information you need to clear up even the most algae ridden pool, testing your water plus much more regarding your pool and hot tub needs.  

We will not try and sell customer parts or chemicals they do not need. We promise to keep it all as simple as possible because we want you to to refer your friends, family and neighbors who have pools and hot tubs to use our services and shop at our retail store.

Coming Soon

We will have a working PDC Swim Spa so people can do a wet test prior to making their purchase decision.